Thursday, September 09, 2004

Isakson 46%, Majette 41%

According to a recent poll of 600 probable Georgia voters, Republican Congressman Johnny Isakson leads Democratic Congresswoman Denise Majette 46% to 41%. Among definite voters, Isakson leads Majette 48% to 43%.

CandidateProbable VotersDefinite Voters

The Global Strategy Group conducted the poll between August 26th and 30th on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Earlier polls by Republican pollster Strategic Vision showed Isakson further ahead and Majette further behind among likely voters, most recently with Isakson at 52% and Majette at 38%. (Numbers are from Polling Report, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution also reports the outline of the most recent poll.)

In the money race, both candidates have found it difficult to raise money: Isakson because he is expected to win, and Majette because she is expected to lose. That said, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Isakson has raised at least $1 million and Majette has raised at least $250,000 since the primary.