Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Taking care of business.

By killing overtime:

On Aug. 23, the Bush administration will take away the right to receive overtime pay from millions of employees in a broad range of occupations, from office workers in financial services to embalmers, nursery school teachers and restaurant chefs and assistant managers. Despite four disapproving votes in Congress, the Bush administration is using its power and authority to accomplish the biggest rollback in employee rights in more than half a century.
The Bush administration has sided with employer groups, who oppose regulation and resent having to pay extra for overtime work. They want the "flexibility" to work employees 50 or 60 hours a week without paying any more than they would for 40. One restaurant chain worked low-paid assistant managers 85 or 90 hours a week without any additional pay, claiming they were "executives" and "in charge," even though they spent almost all their time serving customers or running a cash register. The new rules will make that kind of abuse legal.