Thursday, August 12, 2004

How to win 15% of the black vote.

George Bush's plan to win 15% of the black vote is apparently based on keeping black Democrats at home, rather than persuading black Democrats to vote for George Bush.

That's the intention of this Republican 527, People of Color United, I gather:

One of the radio ads addresses Kerry's failure to vote on a bill to extend unemployment benefits for 13 weeks: "It needed 60 votes to pass. Ninety-nine out of 100 senators voted -- Kerry did not! It lost by one vote! Maybe Kerry thought the more of us who are unemployed and hurting, the more likely we would vote Democrat."

Of course, this vote failed not because John Kerry wasn't there, but because George Bush and the Republican Party didn't support it. (In fact, the Democrats have said that even those who voted for it did so only to manufacture a close vote.) Clearly, this ad isn't intended to encourage anyone to vote for anybody - it's intended to encourage voters to stay at home.

Then there's this ad:

Another ad attacks Teresa Heinz Kerry, who, at the Democratic convention last month cited her birth and upbringing in Mozambique and who has described herself as African American. In the radio commercial, the announcer says: "His wife says she's an African American. While technically true, I don't believe a white woman, raised in Africa, surrounded by servants, qualifies."

You know, if a Democratic 527 dared air an ad such as those above, or one that attacked George Bush "rich, white and wishy-washy," as the one before describes John Kerry, the roar from the right would be deafening. How will they respond to these?