Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Golan Cipel, Homeland Security God!

If you read the news, you probably think that Golan Cipel was, like, the King of Homeland Security in the Garden State.

You'd be wrong.

In fact, Golan Cipel's position, "special counsel to the governor on homeland security," appeared immediately before he entered it on February 21, 2002*, and disappeared immediately after he left it on March 7, 2002. After that, he became simply "special counsel to the governor," a position which he held until August, 2002.

How do I know? I have Lexis-Nexis, and as a result, I can search for any reference to Golan Cipel in 2002. It's too bad that journalists don't have my magic powers, huh?

So, when your favorite righty tells you that McGreevey was endangering the lives of his constituents by appointing Cipel, you can tell them it's not true. He was never the Director of the Office of Counter-terrorism (that was Kathryn Flicker, then Sid Casperson), nor was he a member of the Domestic Security Preparedness Task Force. He certainly wasn't hired for anything over Louis Freeh. Like Karl "Assistant to the President" Rove and his ilk, he was little more than a political hack.

Well, when he wasn't fucking the governor, at least.

* The New York Times reports the Cipel was hired on January 15, 2002; his first mention as "special counsel to the governor on homeland security" in Lexis-Nexis is on February 21, 2002.