Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Why not call them the Fab Four?

Via Pandagon: The New York Times reports that the Republican Governors of California, Texas, New York, and Florida have decided to start a rock band. Who are they?

[A] Hollywood star turned politician, a formidable East Coast fund-raiser, a close friend of the president and the president's little brother.

The reviews are in, and they're rockin' the lobbying world:

"Very impressive," said Bill Paxon, an influential Washington lobbyist who was thought of as a potential speaker of the House before he left Congress in 1999. . . . "[I]t just doesn't get any better than that."

But how could they not be great?

[I]t brings together some of the biggest names in the Republican Party: Mr. Schwarzenegger, who provides star power to the party; Mr. Pataki, who offers a Rolodex of wealthy Wall Street donors and is the longest-serving governor in the nation; Mr. Perry, who was George W. Bush's trusted lieutenant governor before Mr. Bush handed the job of governor to him; and Mr. Bush, who is, well, a Bush.

He plays the drums. But who is the creative force behind the music?

Mr. Schwarzenegger, who had just been sworn in, buttonholed Mr. Pataki and Mr. Bush, separately, and floated the idea, according to one account given by an aide to Mr. Schwarzenegger.
"To give credit where credit is due, the California folks were very aggressive about putting this together," said one New York official involved in the efforts to bring the governors together. "This was one of their big things."

Okay, maybe Perry plays the drums.