Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bush is cutting your pay.

Our press is easily fooled:

President Bush plans to announce Friday that he wants to make flextime more available to the nation's workers as part of a reelection platform built around creating jobs and increasing the financial independence of families while making the nation safer and the world more peaceful, his aides said.
Bush's support for greater flexibility in the workday would be a rare addition to his agenda, which has hewed closely to the same group of issues since he began running for president in 1999. His aides did not give details about what he will propose beyond saying that he wants to give parents more chances to participate in their children's lives by letting workers accrue hours that they could take off later.

Let me tell you what this is. It's not new. It's the "Family Time Flexiblity Act," and it's yet another way for employers to get out of paying their workers overtime. Of course, the conservative media, having never cared about Bush's attempts to gut overtime in the past, don't recognize this. Question is, will they ever, or will they continue to spread Bush's lies?