Monday, July 26, 2004

Boot FMA Cosponsors!

Crossposted to Daily Kos, because no way in hell do I get enough traffic here to make a difference.

Since I last posted on this subject, nine more Republicans have cosponsored of the Federal Marriage Amendment, for a total of 118.

They know that the FMA is a loser. They know that a majority of Americans oppose the FMA. So why do they continue to add their names to this unpopular failure?

Because they know that this unpopular failure will win them the votes and the money of anti-gay bigots, and they don't believe it will cost them anything.

Don't you think it's about time that changed?

You can change it.  Contribute to the Democrats below, the opponents of the most vulnerable Republican FMA cosponsors. It will help good Democratic candidates, unseat bad Republican incumbents, and put the remaining Republicans on notice: exploit anti-gay bigotry at your peril.

Bob BeauprezCO 0747Dave Thomas
Mike RogersAL 0350Bill Fuller
Chris ChocolaIN 0250Joe Donnelly
Phil GingreyGA 1152Rick Crawford
Anne NorthupKY 0352Tony Miller
Robin HayesNC 0854Beth Troutman
Max BurnsGA 1255John Barrow
Charles TaylorNC 1156Patsy Keever
Steve PearceNM 0256Gary King
Jim NussleIA 0157Bill Gluba
Phil CraneIL 0857Melissa Bean
Thad McCotterMI 1157Phil Truran
Mark KennedyMN 0657Patty Wetterling
Mark FergusonNJ 0758Stephen Brozak
Scott GarrettNJ 0559Anne Wolfe
Mike TurnerOH 0359Jane Mitakides

And of course, the opponent of the FMA sponsor, Marilyn Musgrave, Stan Matsunaka.  Democratic primaries have not yet been held in FL-05 (Brown-Waite) and AZ-02 (Franks).

Now, with the help of ActBlue, you can contribute to all of these candidates at once through the  "Boot FMA Cosponsors!" list:

Simply enter the amounts you want to contribute next to the candidates of your choice, and follow the instructions from there.  (In case you're wondering, I don't see a cut, and neither does ActBlue.)

Please, pass this list and the link along to your family, your friends, your neighbors - anyone you know who opposes the FMA and its cosponsors.  Show these FMA cosponsors that when they support anti-gay bigotry, it will cost them money, votes, and ultimately, elections.