Thursday, June 03, 2004

This smells suspiciously like journalism.

Via Edward of VoteLaw, CNN has sued Florida for access to its list of ineligible voters:

As Florida county election boards review a list of thousands of potentially ineligible voters - including some who may be felons - CNN is suing the state, claiming the public and media should also be able to review the list. . . .
The state Monday denied a CNN request for a copy of the list of up to 48,000 people. These people, according to the state, could be ineligible to vote because they are felons or have multiple registrations - or have died since the last election. . . .
The state said that only government officials, candidates for office, and political parties can be provided copies of such records under state law.
CNN as well as members of the general public were invited to view the documents in the Florida Division of Elections headquarters in Tallahassee, on the condition that there be no photocopying or note-taking.
"Unless people look at the list and see their names and know that it's wrong, then they could end up in a situation where they don't have the right to vote," said Tampa attorney Gregg D. Thomas of the law firm Holland & Knight, who is representing CNN in the matter. "It is incredible that information this important to a constitutional right, the right to vote, is not freely and openly disseminated."