Friday, April 16, 2004

GA-12: The Money Primary, 2004 Q1

Democratic and Republican candidates for Georgia's 12th District have filed their 2004 Q1 reports with the FEC, and these are the results:

Net Contributions, All Candidates
Only 2004 Q4Thru 2004 Q4
Net Contributions, Only Democrats
Only 2004 Q4Thru 2004 Q4

CandidateOnly 2004 Q4Thru 2004 Q4
Republican Max Burns355,176.611,299,760.50
Democrat John Barrow143,849.62603,578.38
Democrat Doug Haines74,948.90195,774.90
Democrat Tony Center40,537.1074,203.10
Democrat Caine Cortellino5,078.8923,954.35