Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Federal Marriage Amendment Update

(Since I last posted this, two more Representatives have cosponsored the FMA.)

Republicans exploit anti-gay bigotry to win money, votes, and ultimately, elections. That's why, of the 117 cosponsors of the Federal Marriage Amendment, 109 are Republicans.

Don't you think it's about time that changed? I do, and I'll tell you how you can change it: by contributing to the opponents of the most vulnerable of those 109 Republicans. It will help struggling Democratic candidates, unseat bad Republican House members, and put the remainder on notice: exploit anti-gay bigotry at your peril.

Of those 109 Republican consponsors, 22 won election in 2002 with less than 60% of the vote. Of those 22, one is retiring (Ballenger), one is running against an incumbent Republican Senator (Toomey), and one is doing time for manslaughter (Janklow). That leaves 19. Here they are, followed by their Democratic opponents, if any:

Cosponsor District 2002 % Candidate
Beauprez CO 07 47.31 Dave Thomas
Brown-Waite FL 05 47.9 Brian Moore
Rick Penberthy
John Russell, or
Robert G. Whittel
Rogers AL 03 50.31 Bill Fuller
Chocola IN 02 50.45 Joe Donnelly
Gingrey GA 11 51.64 Rick Crawford
Hayes NC 08 53.63 (No opponent.)
Cole OK 04 53.83 (No opponent.)
Burns GA 12 55.19 Caine Cortellino
Doug Haines
John Barrow
Tony Center
Sullivan OK 01 55.62 (No opponent.)
Pearce NM 02 56.23 Gary King
Jeff Steinborn
Nussle IA 01 57.15 Bill Gluba
Denny Heath
McCotter MI 11 57.19 (No opponent.)
Kennedy MN 06 57.34 (No opponent.)
Crane IL 08 57.42 Melissa Bean
Hall TX 04 57.82 Jim Nickerson
Ferguson NJ 07 57.95 Stephen Brozak
Turner OH 03 58.77 Jane Mitakides
Garrett NJ 05 59.48 Frank Fracasso
Anne Wolfe
Franks AZ 02 59.92 Randy Camacho
Larry Coor