Tuesday, March 09, 2004

If you're gonna do the wrong thing, at you oughta do it the right way.

If you're gonna do the wrong thing, at you oughta do it the right way. Want to pass a Constitutional Amendment that will allow states to decide whether to recognize same-sex marriage? Pass a Constitutional Amendment to do that, not one so vaguely worded as to potentially deny every state the right to recognize not only same-sex marriage, but any relationship that might include "the legal incidents thereof."

Such is the impetus behind HR1470, a recent incarnation of the GMA, sponsored by Democrat Jeanette Jamieson of Toccoa. Unlike SR595, the original GMA, this one does not potentially deny corporations the right to provide benefits to the domestic partners of their workers. Says Jamieson, "What's wrong, ladies and gentleman, with shooting straight with the public in this state? What's wrong with bypassing partisan politics to get to the basic matter and that is, 'What is marriage in Georgia?'"

Good question. The answer is, of course, that Republicans don't care about marriage in Georgia - they care about gays in Georiga, or more specifically, screwing gays in Georgia in as many ways as possible in an amendment that might generously be described as outlawing "same-sex marriage-related program activities," so they don't have to attend to more pressing issues.