Friday, March 12, 2004

A hot car for the Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner

Republican Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner John Oxendine bought a $25,689 luxury car:

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine should repay the state $25,689 he spent for a luxury car at a time agency heads were being asked to curb spending, according to a report by the state's inspector general.
If Oxendine does not come up with the money for the 2003 Ford Crown Victoria with leather seats and six-disc CD player, the attorney general's office should consider forcing him to comply, Inspector General James Sehorn wrote in his report. . . .
Oxendine's vehicle came with $6,000 in upgrades, including leather seats, a premium cassette and CD player, a $209 electronic instrument panel and an "LX upgrade package" costing $3,503. . . .
"Commissioner Oxendine's actions were in blatant disregard for established authority," the report stated. "When informed that he would not be allowed to purchase his automobile, his response was, in general, 'Try and stop me."'