Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Was there a denial in there?

Via The Note, Tucker Eskew's response to questions about Bush's military service:

ESKEW: [The President's record stacks up] extremely well against any Democrat. But let's take the case particularly of John Kerry. This is a man who is right now taking part in a despicable set of attacks on President Bush. The questioning of President Bush's military service in the National Guard -- absolutely reckless. John Kerry seems to be taking his talking points from Michael Moore. If that kind of fringe element is going to be a decisive part of his campaign, a campaign which can't seem to decide whether or not it wants to disavow that sort of approach, and Terry McAuliffe's approach, then I think it portends well for our campaign, it portends poorly for a serious, optimistic and hopeful discussion -- that's where the President it. Here in South Carolina, where I am, we respect service in our military and Sen. Kerry did serve honorably -- so did President Bush, so let's get beyond this kind of despicable attack.

See the title. The "questioning" indicates that Kerry is "absolutely reckless," "taking his talking points from Michael Moore," "kind of a fringe element," and "despicable" - twice! Notably, it doesn't indicate that Kerry is "wrong."