Saturday, February 14, 2004

The Real World, and the Republican One.

The Republican candidates for Senate debated today. I didn't witness it, but given the reports, I probably wouldn't have been able to; it clearly occured in an alternative reality.

Collins had the first big reaction of the night, getting a loud ovation from his comments regarding a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. He said God intended for married couples to have children.
"I don't know how you can have same-sex marriage and have children unless there is some process I am not familiar with," he said.

Apparently, in the alternative reality, they have yet to discover "adoption." Or any other scenario which might place children in the home of a couple who aren't able to conceive naturally, whether both parties are of the same sex or not.

The candidates backed President Bush's Iraq policy, blasted Democrats for holding up his federal judicial appointments and called for the elimination of so-called "pork spending" from the federal budget.

Also, in the alternative reality, Republican districts, such as those represented by Collins and Isakson, haven't received an average of $612 million more than Democratic districts.

One of the few points of major disagreement was over the issue of extending the Voting Rights Act, which comes up for extension in 2007. Collins and Isakson said they would like to see it retired.

Finally, in the alternative reality, race has no influence on politics, thereby eliminating the need for the Voting Rights Act.

It's too bad these candidates aren't running for election in that reality; I'm sure they'd be a perfect fit. But in this one? Not so much.