Thursday, February 12, 2004

Georgia's most uncharitable charity? The Hertiage Foundation.

Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox released her annual list of "Uncharitable Charities"on Friday, and the No. 1 charity on the list, the Heritage Foundation, cried foul.
The 11 charities on the list collected more than $9.7 million from Georgians during a 12-month period ending last year but used only a small portion of that for charitable causes, according to the state.
The charities made the list because they collected more than $100,000 and gave 15 percent or less of the total proceeds to charity, according to figures provided to the state by the organizations.
The state said a Washington, D.C.- based conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, collected $713,433 from Georgians and retained $678,888 of that sum between Nov. 1, 2002 and Oct. 31, 2003, meaning the organization gave less than 5 percent � $34,545 � to its charitable work.

Cathy Cox wants to be the next governor of Georgia. So far, I want her to be, too.