Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Federal Marriage Amendment Fundraising

Republicans exploit anti-gay bigotry to win money, votes, and ultimately, elections. That's why, of the 115 cosponsors of the Federal Marriage Amendment, 108 are Republicans.

Don't you think it's about time that changed? I do, and I'll tell you how you can change it: by contributing to the opponents of the most vulnerable of those 108 Republicans. (What, you were expecting a petition? Fuck that.) It will help struggling Democratic candidates, unseat bad Republican House members, and put the remainder on notice: exploit anti-gay bigotry at your peril.

Of those 108 Republican consponsors, 22 won election in 2002 with less than 60% of the vote. Of those 22, one is retiring (Ballenger), one is running against an incumbent Republican Senator (Toomey), and one is doing time for manslaughter (Janklow). That leaves 19. Here they are, followed by their Democratic opponents, if any:

CosponsorDistrict2002 %Opponents
BeauprezCO0747.31Dave Thomas
Brown-WaiteFL0547.9Brian Moore John T. Russell
RogersAL0350.31(No known opponent.)
ChocolaIN0250.45Joe Donnelly
GingreyGA1151.64Rick Crawford
HayesNC0853.63(No known opponent.)
ColeOK0453.83(No known opponent.)
BurnsGA1255.19Caine Cortellino,
Doug Haines, or
John Barrow
SullivanOK0155.62(No known opponent.)
PearceNM0256.23Gary King or
Jeff Steinborn
NussleIA0157.15Bill Gluba
McCotterMI1157.19(No known opponent.)
KennedyMN0657.34Janet Robert
CraneIL0857.42Melissa Bean,
Richard Hammes, or
William Scheurer
HallTX0457.82Jim Nickerson or
Jerry Ashford
FergusonNJ0757.95 Stephen Brozak
TurnerOH0358.77Jane Mitakides
GarrettNJ0559.48(No known opponent.)
FranksAZ0259.92Randy Camacho

According to Open Secrets, those Democrats with the most contributions are Barrow ($492,600), Bean ($149,294), Haines ($125,376), Steinborn ($96,096), and Crawford ($66,021), with the rest having collected less than $50,000.

When deciding how much to contribute, I'd suggest a number ending with $3.00, so that the Democrat who takes your money will remember who it came from, and why you gave. That way, if they get the urge to support a similar cause, they'll think twice, too.