Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Criminals at The Corner

The Corner has several lovely posts about how the Republican theft of Democratic documents isn't an outrage; it's the content of the memos themselves. Such is the moral bankruptcy of The Corner: an outright violation of the law is less outrageous than discussion among Senate Democrats of their Constitutional duty to provide "advice and consent."

The example Jonah Goldberg offers is telling:

The complaints of the Clintonites -- like the complaints of Senate Democrats -- are similar to the whines from teenagers who think it's out of bounds for their parents to search their rooms for drugs without permission. "You invaded my privacy!" they shriek as if that might obscure the ounce of dope in the back of the sock drawer.

Of course, this situation is in no way similar. The room is the property of the parents; they commit no crime by searching it. In contrast, the Democratic memos are not the property of the Republicans. When Republicans steal them, they steal them; it's a crime. But perhaps this is how Goldberg sees the government under Republican leadership: a sort of father-state, justified in any intrusion. That would certainly explain a lot.

A better example:

My neighbor, Jonah G., breaks into my home and steals a dildo. I don't notice the intrusion or the theft until I visit his home, whereupon I discover the purloined phallus sitting on his mantle. When I call the police, he objects, claiming that the crime is not that he stole the sextoy, but that I would own such an obscene object at all!

(Unfortunately, in some states, he might very well be right.)