Monday, February 16, 2004

Criminals at the Corner

Via Ezra at Pandagon, Jonathan Adler at The Corner:

According to Senate Dems, someone who steals documents that may discredit a Bush nominee1 is a "whistleblower," but someone2 who accesses and discloses unsecured memos3 suggesting improprieties4 by Senate Dems is a "thief."

1 The "documents that may discredit a Bush nominee" are those that show that the Republican Attorneys General Association, whose membership includes the nominee, William Pryor, solicited contributions from donors who were being prosecuted by its members.

2 The "someone" is "some number of Republican aides," as well as those present at the meetings where these memos were "read and distributed."

3 The "unsecured memos" are "3,000" memos obtained through "conscious computer hacking" that "spanned more than two years."

4 The "improprieties" would be the mere discussion of strategy among Democrats opposed to the nominations and groups, such as People for the American Way, who shared that opposition. Of course, this is only "improper" if you believe that Democrats should simply accept nominees who solicit contributions from donors under threat of prosecution.