Friday, January 16, 2004

Standards & Practices

Currently, the nation's most popular television drama is CSI. CBS airs CSI on Thursday nights at 9:00, and often repeats on other days and at other times, including 8:00, the so-called "family-hour."

CSI is a show about crime scene investigators. As such, every episode features the gruesome aftermath of violent crimes. The most recent episode featured a double homicide. The first victim's throat was slashed. The act is repeated several times in flashback. The second was dispatched similarly; however, in addition to being murdered, he was surgically dismembered. An extended scene portrays the discovery of the various parts of his body by the crime scene investigators. Among the parts are his hand, his face, and one part which prompts a character to deduce the victim was a man.

CBS Standards & Practices found this episode acceptable to air. However, CBS Standards & Practices has refused to air Move On's "Child's Pay" ad.

Apparently, as an issue ad, Move On's "Child's Pay" is simply too controversial for CBS.