Friday, January 23, 2004

Black politician too uppity? Ask a monetary policy question!

Peter Jennings and Al Sharpton, 2004:

JENNINGS: Reverend Sharpton, I'd like to ask you a question about domestic policy, if you don't mind.
JENNINGS: If during your term as president, if you become the nominee, and you have the opportunity to nominate someone to be chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, what kind of person would you consider for the job? You can name someone in particular, if you have someone in mind.
And maybe just take a minute or so to give us a little bit about your views on monetary policy.

George Will and Jesse Jackson, 1988:

Take Will's 1988 interview of presidential candidate Rev. Jesse Jackson on ABC's This Week (1/17/88). In a series of questions apparently meant to expose Jackson as unqualified for office, Will asked: "As president, would you support measures such as the G-7 measures of the Louvre Accords?" (These accords were technical agreements employed the previous year to stabilize exchange rates.) As Will sneeringly recapped in a later column (Washington Post, 1/28/88), Jackson's "answer to [that] question was, 'Explain that.'"