Monday, October 20, 2003

What's worse than an ambulance-chasing multmillionaire trial lawyer?

The companies he sues.

One of his last cases was typical. Edwards represented the parents of a girl who, at age 5, had her intestines pulled out at a neighborhood pool because of a faulty drain cover on a suction pump.
Experts testified that adding a screw to secure the drain cover would have added 2 cents in cost and prevented accidents. Edwards threw himself into the case upon returning from a five-month sabbatical after his son died.
The case was "a perfect picture of corporate indifference," Edwards told jurors in his closing argument.
He then displayed the names of 13 other children injured by the drains, leaving a blank space by No. 14.
"Whose child is next?" he asked.
Verdict: $25 million.
"A lot of the criticism [of large jury awards] comes from people who have not been in a situation like we have," said Sandy Lakey, mother of the pool victim. "It gives you a different perspective. They [the swimming pool company] could have cared less."

Bush, of course, would compare these children to lottery winners.