Thursday, October 30, 2003

Howard Dean: "It's middle-class white people who vote."

I shit you not. As reported in The Seattle Times on June 07, 1998 by Barbara A. Serrano:

[T]he real goal of the 1998 Democratic State Convention was to solidify the party's embrace of the political mainstream.
Eager to shed any remnants of their reputation as "tax-and-spend" liberals, candidates and activists weren't talking much about helping the poor or pursuing gay rights or promoting civil rights.
Instead, they focused on education, jobs and health care.
Thirty years after the peace marches and protests of 1968, Democrats say they want to respond to broader concerns of the white middle class - the people most likely to vote and put them into office.
Even the keynote speech by Democratic Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont was directed at a party that has abandoned the notion of trying to change the world. The new message: It's better to take small steps toward progress.
"We have to reinvent ourselves," he said later in an interview. "Democrats cannot just represent the people who supported us. It's middle-class white people who vote."

But he's from the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, doncha know.