Thursday, October 09, 2003

Arnold is a Republican.

But you knew that, right? Apparently, he said he would take on the insiders, he meant as employees:

On Wednesday, Schwarzenegger announced that Rep. David Dreier -- one of the Republican's top advisors during his campaign, and who often stepped in as a spokesman during the nine-week sprint to election day -- would head the transition team.
Dreier, 51, is chairman of the California GOP congressional delegation and heads the House Rules Committee, an arm of the Republican leadership that is the final stop for nearly all major legislation before it hits the House floor. He is also a close ally of President Bush and is known as one of the most skilled Republican operatives on Capitol Hill.

According to the Family Research Council, Dreier is a "true blue" advocate for its issues - as shown by his opposition to adoption by same-sex couples.