Saturday, September 13, 2003

Republicans first, Georgians second.

Bush was in Georgia today, using soldiers at Fort Stewart as a backdrop for yet another photo-op:

He said he would send Powell to the U. N. to say that "It's time for others to join us," that "No free nation can be neutral in the fight between civilization and chaos," and that "Terrorists in Iraq have attacked representatives of the civilized world and opposing them and defeating them must be the cause of the civilized world."

One can only hope that the rest of the civilized world will do better by Iraq than George Bush has done by the Georgians he addressed, which as Greg of Greenehouse Effect notes, live in the state receiving the least homeland security spending per capita in the nation, despite being its tenth largest state and home to such potential targets as the Centers for Disease Control.

Georgia has a Republican governor, eight Republican House members, a Republican Senator, and a Democratic Senator who is now best known for siding with Bush and against the interests of his own party. With so many members in the party in power, you'd think Georgia would be less likely to be screwed like this - or, at least, if it were, that they could raise enough hell to change it immediately.

You'd think that, but then, you'd have to ignore the fact that Georgia's Republicans are Republicans first, Georgians second; if Bush opposes it, so do they. These folks are so well-trained, they don't even know the formula by which spending is allocated.