Friday, September 12, 2003

Instant Karma.

Gephardt - "It was in this period when Gingrich said Republicans wouldn't immediately kill Medicare. Instead, they would let it wither on the vine. And it was also during this time that Howard Dean, as chairman of the National Governors Association, was supporting Republican efforts to scale back Medicare."

Kerry - "Middle class families are taking too many hits already - their health care costs are rising, housing payments are higher, their jobs less secure, and college is costing more and more. . . . Unfortunately, some in my party want to repeal the tax cuts Democrats gave middle-class families. This is wrong."

Lieberman - "Let me say to Governor Dean, he has said he wouldn't take sides, but then he has said Israel ought to get out of the West Bank and an enormous number of their settlements ought to be broken down. That's up to the parties in their negotiations, not for us to tell them."

Edwards - "I think what Howard Dean said last night does a disservice to everyone he stood next to and all the people before us who have raised this issue over and over again in front of all audiences. . . . What he said last night was divisive and divisive is exactly what we're trying to overcome. He's right about one thing, politicians should talk about civil rights wherever they go. And in the future, I hope he leads by example instead of by attack."

His supporters will likely call these attacks unfair, but supporters of other candidates, who've heard Dean speak once too often about his opponents who "all voted for tax cuts," turnabout is more than fair play.