Wednesday, September 03, 2003

If you replace every instance of "true" with "false" . . .

Then MEChA is racist. So say Instapundit ("I feel pretty sure that a right-wing group saying the same kinds of things about white people that MEChA says about hispanics wouldn't be cut this sort of media slack.") and his Instaminions ("Substitute all references to "Chicanos" with the word "whites." Substitute all references to non-Chicanos with the word "blacks." Tell me you wouldn't mistake that amended passage with the worst kind of hate screed emanating from Aryan Nation, or the KKK, or a neo-Nazi organization, or any other white supremacy group.")

Okay, let's do that, but rather than using El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan, let's use the "About Us" page from the African-American Republican Leadership Council:

The mission and purpose of the White Republican Leadership Council (WRLC) is to break the liberal democrat stranglehold over White America.
WRLC labors and directs the only national campaign to raise and increase Whites support for common sense Reaganite Republican public policies and candidates from a nominal 14 to a strategic target of 25 percent. This target is not arbitrary but empirically based as the necessary threshold of White support needed to make the overwhelming difference in majority-minority or non-White candidates races where the white electorate can be the deciding vote or give the edge to closely contested races for victory when they support Reaganomic public policies, challengers or incumbents.
WRLC is leading the way with the only national conservative white seminary to identify, convert, recruit, and train local, state and federal candidates to run in open seats or against democrat minorities. WRLC is the only nationwide conservative Republican organization dedicated to elect Reaganite pro-growth economic security white Republicans to local, state and the federal government. White Republican Leadership Council leverages and provides critical early financial support, issue advocacies, public education information and complete independent campaigns to compliment particular races.

Doesn't sound good, does it? That said, I'm not gonna claim that AARLC is racist on the basis of the substitution.

But then, I'm not a righty.