Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Edwards to K Street: "Keep Out"

If you aren't concerned about the influence of Washington's K Street lobbyists on politics, you should be; in recent years, Republicans have increasingly demanded that these lucrative jobs go to their cronies, who return the favor in the form of contributions.

If you are concerned about their influence, consider John Edwards: unlike other candidates, who lobby the lobbyists, Edwards hopes to bar federal lobbyists from contributing to the campaigns of the candidates they lobby, much like the current ban on federal contractors:

"Washington's filled with high-priced lobbyists who walk around with drafted legislation in one hand and envelopes filled with campaign contributions in the other," Edwards said. "These lobbyists run the government, and they own this White House. We ought to say to these lobbyists, you can't give out campaign money. We ought to make that the law of the land."

Every Democratic candidate should pledge the same.