Saturday, September 13, 2003

The Confederacy is the Republican MEChA.

Read this, from Dave of Seeing the Forest: Mississippi Republicans are targeting unreconstructed Confederates as part of a bid to defeat Barbara Blackmon, a black, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Rickey Cole, who heads the Mississippi Democratic Party, said the effort does not surprise him.
"I think the Republicans have looked at the numbers from the flag vote in 2001," Cole said. "They are very interested in trying to recoup their constituency that turned out for that vote that hasn't been turning out for other votes."
The Rebel flag supporters are probably being identified for a direct-mail campaign, Cole said.
"It's the subtle Republican strategy of dividing people along racial lines," Cole said. "There's nothing new or sophisticated about it. They're just using modern marketing to make it happen."

Now, before you dismiss these folks as not representative of the Republican Party, consider the candidate at the top of the ticket in Mississippi: Haley Barbour, former head of the Republican National Committee. Like the voters his party is targeting, Barbour voted to keep the Confederate symbology.

This is only the most recent Republican use of Confederate symbology to secure votes. Although Ralph Reed would deny it, Republican Governor Sonny Perdue owes his election to the voters he asked to "remember who changed your flag." He has since spent the better part of his governorship discussing a referendum on whether and how to include Confederate symbols in the state flag.

Here we have two Republicans, both candidates for governor, who not only court voters who honor an unquestionably racist, unquestionably secessionist movement, but also support inclusion of that movement's symbols in their state flags. Can you imagine the righty response if a Democrat were to do the same?

Well, if you've been following the flap over Cruz Bustamante's assocation with MEChA, you don't have to. Righties have said Bustamante and MEChA are guilty of racism, ethnic nationalism, homophobia, and other evils. While I consider these charges ridiculous, if the evidence against MEChA is sufficient to support them, then certainly the evidence against the Confederacy should support similar charges against Perdue and Barbour - yet the righties haven't made them.

Curious, isn't it?