Monday, September 15, 2003

As long as Howard Dean thinks it's true, it's not a lie.

From the Washington Post:

On his statement that he is the lone white candidate talking about race, Dean gave little ground, even after Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), who also talks frequently about race, called him on it at a debate last week. Dean's view was that other white candidates don't talk about race in the way he does. "I still think I probably am the only one and I'm very willing to have you contradict me," he said.

Well, as long as Howard Dean thinks its true, then I guess it's not a lie.

Oh, and for those Lieberman critics who attack him for having left Rove with ammunition in the general election, try this:

Dean said he couldn't remember who was on which side of the Medicare fight, but he said he and other governors were only trying to reduce the federal budget deficit, not destroy Medicare. "We were constantly talking about how to get the deficit under control, which the Democrats in Congress turned out to have no interest in doing," he said.

Of course, that's false; the Congressional Democrats simply didn't want to turn Medicare recipients over to managed care organizations, because it would lead to lower quality care at higher costs. At the time, Dean still bought the lie that it would be less expensive. It wasn't. That would make him, not the Congressional Democrats, responsible for higher deficits, wouldn't it?