Friday, August 01, 2003

Scortch that earth!

Turns out John isn't the only candidate who paid his taxes late: John Kerry and Howard Dean have paid late as well:

Between 1989 and 1991, Kerry was assessed $135 in interest and a $14 penalty for failure to pay taxes on time for a property on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.
City records also show that the Kerrys have been late four times in paying taxes on the Louisburg Square home, as recently as this May. The delinquencies lasted from 14 to 33 days, and resulted in interest and penalties totaling $458.
The Kerry campaign confirmed the delinquencies on the Commonwealth Avenue property but couldn't immediately comment on the Louisburg Square bills, all of which were addressed to Mellon Bank for payment.
Dean, meanwhile, accrued $53 in interest and penalty fees in March 2002 after he was five days late paying the taxes on a piece of land in Jericho, Vt. In 1999, Dean had to pay $61 in interest after he was 18 days late in paying property taxes on his home in Burlington, Vt.

Team Dean got a might testy after this came to light: "It certainly does seem like an effort to deflect attention from the fact that there was $11,000 in late payments in Washington, but I don't think that rises to the level of us slamming somebody else." You know Team Dean, they'd never slam anybody else!

Elsewhere, Washington, D. C., Mayor Anthony Williams added credence to Edwards' claim that he never received the bill:

D.C.'s tax office likely got confused by Edwards' multiple housing deals, according to Tony Bullock, spokesman for Washington Mayor Anthony Williams.
"[Edwards] sold his house in Woodley Park, bought a house in Georgetown and moved into a third house he was renting," Bullock said. "More than likely what happened here is that the tax bill got lost in the swirl of those movements. Our tax office is pretty good but we can't guarantee that we sent the tax bill to the right address. Clearly Senator Edwards had every intention of paying his bill."

Me, I'm waiting for someone to look into Lieberman, Graham, Gephardt, and Bush's tax records. We already know how forgetful Bush can be with deadlines.