Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Rod Dreher's "confused."

From the Corner, naturally:

I'M CONFUSED [Rod Dreher]
Blogger Dom Bettinelli wonders how come the media have said all along that the Catholic sex abuse scandal, in which the victims of pederast priests have overwhelmingly been boys, is not about homosexuality - but now that John Geoghan, whose victims were overwhelmingly boys, has been murdered in jail, the media are portraying his killing as an anti-gay hate crime.

Let's clear up Dreher's "confusion," shall we? First, a hate crime, at least as described in the Georgia Code, occurs when "the defendant intentionally selected any victim or any property of the victim as the object of the offense because of bias or prejudice." It's the intent of the defendant, not the identity of the victim, that's relevant. Therefore, if Druce murdered Geoghan because he hates gays, it's a hate crime, regardless of whether Geoghan himself was gay.

Now, let's clear up my confusion. Why is Dreher no better able to distinguish between gays and child rapists than Druce? You'd think that a denizen of the Corner would be more sophisticated than a convicted murderer.