Friday, August 08, 2003

Help! Help! Derbyshire's being oppressed!

Derbyshire: Just cleared the last of a huge e-mailbag following yesterday's blogs about Bishop Robinson.

Bishop Robinson; I will never tire of reading that name with that title. Imagine how it must make Derbyshire squirm!

Reading that much material leaves you with general impressions.

Like reading The Corner!

(To which, of course, there are many particular exceptions.)

Okay, not like reading The Corner.

One that I especially think worth noting is, that the commitment of homosexual activists to free speech is about one millimeter deep. I got a strong impression, time after time, that the reader believed I SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SAY the things I said. A couple of readers said so flat out. Veiled threats to try and shut me down were common. ("Does Mr Buckley know the kinds of things you say on The Corner? Perhaps he should be told...")

Wait. Since when does Derbyshire's right to speech include a right to a paycheck? I know the right has established a sort of welfare for unpopular conservative writers - how else do you explain The Corner? - but he isn't entitled to a share, especially if his views depart significantly from those of his benefactor. If he advocated, say, a living wage, or a progressive income tax, he'd be fired; why not the same punishment for supporting the internment of gays?

Make no mistake about it: there is a serious, strong current of thought out there that believes ANY objection to homosexuality is "hate speech" and ought to be criminalized--or, if it cannot be criminalized, shut down by any means that come to hand.

Criminalized? That is harsh. You'd think Derbyshire was an openly gay Episcopalian who'd recently made bishop.

You'd also think that if any writer had suggested he be jailed, Derbyshire would have offered that quote rather than the one above. Now, I don't think he's a liar, only so hysterical as to lack objectivity.

I say again: there are many exceptions, and I thank those readers who, after identifying themselves as homosexual, went on to argue with me in a thoughtful and civilized way.

When they're interned, Derbyshire will support giving them bread with their water. Never let it be said that he's without compassion.

But I now know something I did not know 48 hours ago, or knew only vaguely and imperfectly: gay fascism is real, and strong, and determined. If this Political Correctness cannot be stopped, we are going to lose our freedoms.

Translation: "If this trend of accepting gays as equals continues, no one will pay me to call one a 'deviant,' a 'moral criminal,' and a 'passing social fad' whose faith rests on love of 'bright vestments' and who society 'SHOULD, deliberately and consciously, disapprove and marginalize' as criminals. How will I pay the bills then?"