Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Astroturf: Environment

President Bush is tackling the real challenges to our environment with focus and clarity. His comprehensive approach cleans our air and water by focusing on proven methods and results.
The President has proposed a Clear Skies initiative that cuts power plant pollution from the three worst air pollutants by 70% while keeping energy affordable for hardworking Americans. This is the most significant step America has ever taken to address this problem. President Bush is also leading the way in providing unprecedented funding for new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which promise to dramatically reduce America�s reliance on foreign oil while cleaning our environment.
Our forests are another important conservation challenge. Thousands of acres of our most precious wildlife are lost to wildfires every year because of shortsighted government policies. President Bush�s healthy forest initiative has an approach that corrects these mistakes and protects national forests.
This issue is just one more example of how our President is providing the courageous leadership America needs.