Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Astroturf: Compassion

In his Inaugural Address, President Bush called on Americans to be citizens, not spectators -� to work together to improve their communities and touch the lives of their neighbors. He has followed through on his commitment and citizens in our community are responding.
President Bush�s compassion agenda begins at home by ensuring that every child in America learns the basic skills of reading and math. His work is also ensuring that faith-based organizations are not discriminated against.
The President�s compassion agenda is touching lives across the globe. His unprecedented commitment to combating the AIDS pandemic in Africa and third-world nations is what the world needs to finally turn the tide in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Under his leadership, America is leading the world in feeding the hungry. 60% of international food aid comes as a gift from the people of the United States.
The leadership of President Bush is unleashing the armies of compassion across our nation. I am grateful for his leadership and his call to greater civic duty. This issue is just one more example of how our President is providing the courageous leadership America needs.