Monday, July 28, 2003

Rules? What rules?

Via Lambert of Eschaton, more rulebreaker Republicans:

A Republican effort to redraw Congressional districts in Texas in a special legislative session has failed, the state's lieutenant governor said today.
The bill stalled when a Republican senator, Bill Ratliff of Mount Pleasant, joined Democrats in opposing the measure, saying it would hurt rural areas. Republicans hold 19 Senate seats and Democrats hold 12. Ten Democrats had said they would vote to block a debate, so Mr. Ratcliff's vote gave them the 11 they needed, according to Senate rules, to stymie the measure.
The lieutenant governor has said that in a second special session he will remove the rule that requires two-thirds of the 31 members to agree to bring a bill up for debate, so that support from only a majority of senators will be needed to debate the bill.

Helpful, isn't he?