Friday, July 11, 2003

Dr. Deceit.

Now comes the Dean campaign picking on Edwards. They had some folks attend the town hall meeting and some others watching on C-SPAN. When they saw Edwards criticize Bush for his "No Child Left Behind" education law, they pounced, sending out an e-mail charging that he (and Kerry) missed a March 19 vote authorizing full funding for the bill.
On that tally, the bill passed, 50-48, but Edwards spokesman Van Ostern said that even if Edwards had opposed it, with Vice President Dick Cheney holding the tie-breaking vote, "whether or not he was there would not have changed the outcome."
Besides, he said, a week later, a similar vote came up, and authorization of full funding passed with Edwards� support. Later still, the bill failed to receive full funding in an appropriations vote.
"Perhaps the Dean campaign should be checking their facts before they launch criticisms and attacks on other Democratic candidates," Van Ostern said.

You know, I hope Dean has a lot of volunteers by the time he wins the nomination. Because with tactics like these, he's not going to find any in other campaigns. Me, I know of a Senate campaign that'll need my help.