Saturday, July 26, 2003

Audie Bock: Green, Independent, Democrat, Opportunist

Who is Audie Bock? It depends on when you ask. In 1999, Bock was a Green. In a special election, she defeated Oakland Democrat Elihu Harris for a seat in the California Assembly. Her slogan: "Vote Green, Not Machine." By 2000, she was an independent, and she was defeated for re-election by Democrat Wilma Chan. Bock turned Democrat by 2002, in time to challenge Democrat Barbara Lee for Congress. Her slogan: "Dump Barbara Lee." Catchy! Again, she was defeated.

Well, she's back. Ever the opportunist, Bock is running against Davis: "My party, our party, the party of the majority, is telling us we have to keep him and I think it is a real disaster. I must step forward to offer Democrats an alternative to Gray Davis." Generous, isn't she?

The Democrats do need an alternative to Gray Davis; it's common sense. But they don't need an opportunist. They need a candidate who will call the recall what it is: an attempt to undo an election because the outcome didn't suit the losing party. Unfortunately, it would be hard to argue that while simultaneously running for governor. My solution? Let the candidate campaign on the promise to resign upon victory. Victory for that candidate would then be the same as if Davis himself had resigned. Bustamante would become governor, and the government would proceed as it should.